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The Six Key Elements
of High-Performance Yellow Page Ad Design.

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Yellow Page Ad Design Element #3

Always use arresting, eye-captivating photos and illustrations.

Eye-tracking research directed by Perception Research Services of Fort Lee, New Jersey, shows that while readers look at advertising, 65% of their time is spent concentrating on the illustrations and photos. Only 35% of their time is spent with the text. That's right—text heavy ads actually send readers running to the next Yellow Page ad, while ads with arresting graphics, or compelling, emotionally charged photos actually draw your Yellow Page readers in.

With these competing facts, it's a wonder why the most predominate ads in any Yellow Pages directory hardly feature any imagery at all. Even when advertisers do move away from the traditional "text in a box", they often choose to make any imagery at all a tiny component of their ad. Most of these tiny photos seem more like an afterthought than a compelling part of the Yellow Page advertisers message.

With readers spending 65% of there time looking at your photos and illustrations it's important to make sure they are at least 65% of your message. Your artwork should be powerful and work in concert with your Yellow Page ads overall message.

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use arresting photos
Targeted Yellow Page Ad Design

6 Key Yellow Page Elements

"Copy Chasers, a group of anonymous advertising experts who write a monthly column for an advertising-industry publication, Business Marketing, list visual magnetism as the number-one criteria for successful ads. They are right. An ads first job is to get seen.

"Any graphic that does not leap from the page may as well be invisible. Likewise, any text that is not engaging and easy to read is tomfoolery."

— Kerry Randall, pg. 81
Effective YELLOW PAGES Advertising.

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