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The Six Key Elements
of High-Performance Yellow Page Ad Design.

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Yellow Page Ad Design Element #4

Create clearly identifiable differences between you and your Yellow Page advertising competition.

Many amateur Yellow Page designers will look over your Yellow Page competition to get ideas for your ad. This is a huge mistake.

While any professional will size up your Yellow Page advertising competition, creating a Yellow Page ad that simply mimics all the same features and benefits as your competition, doesn't really give Yellow Page shoppers (your potential customers) any choice at all.

Even if your designer brings back an ad that looks great—vastly superior to any of your competitors Yellow Page ads, if there is no clear, logical difference between what you provide and what your competitor provides, why would a potential customer call you?

When was the last time you bought anything because you liked the way the ad looked? When was the last time you bought anything on looks alone?

Most Yellow Page advertisers don't make any attempt to differentiate themselves from their advertising competition. They use the "buy from me for no justifiable, rational reason" approach. And, I'm sure, depending on there ad size and level of design quality, they get a few calls. But chances are, if you've made it this far in your Yellow Page advertising research, you're probably interested in generating more than just a few calls.

It's not hard. Look at it from your potential customers point of view, and then hone in on the thing that is irresistible to them. Find the thing that you do that makes you, hands down, the obvious choice for potential customers, and make that the prominent feature of your advertising.

Don't hide it. Once you have your magic feature, your overwhelmingly powerful selling point, the appeal of your Yellow Page ad will be unstoppable. If you give them what they want, why would they call anyone else?

People pick up the Yellow Pages directory because they are undecided. They haven't a clue who they should choose to meet their immediate need. If your Yellow Page ad has the exact same message, tries to fulfill the exact same needs as your competitors, how is a consumer supposed to have a choice?

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Targeted Yellow Page Ad Design

6 Key Yellow Page Elements

"Think about anything you've purchased recently (such as a car, house, camera, dress, computer, or VCR). Did you buy it because it was like all the others? Because it had everything the others had? Or, did you buy it because it had features that stood out—things that were unique?"

— Kerry Randall, pg. 27
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